Medium needs a business model.

  1. It sounds as though Medium wants to crack the problem of creating a Netflix for short stuff: journalism, blogs mini-essays. But maybe that goal is never going to be cracked. For cultural, economic and political reasons, free access and free distribution is always going to win out for reading and writing short pieces.
  2. It sounds as though the method of commissioning is going to be driven by price. The price being set by the blogger or journalist. “Name your Rate and we will get back to you as soon as we can”. If this really is the way the system is going to work, a la Huffington Post, it will surely become another example of Gresham’s law. Good writing being steadily swamped by hack stuff.
  3. It sounds as though the folk at Medium are thinking that a general method and mechanism for collecting revenues from paying subscribers: micro payments, or small steady monthly subscriptions will be their key money-making lock-in.




Publisher and then web publisher

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Publisher and then web publisher

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