Maybe that happened, there was certainly some pressure from All Souls to get the book out, but I don’t remember anything about a reprint. If there had been an error I am sure that I would have suggested tipping in a page for the preface/acknowledgements. Looking at Derek’s acknowledgements it is clear that even then his style of composition was both highly individual and highly collaborative. He was an early and enthusiastic word processor and many, many, people will have seen drafts of and commented on Reasons and Persons (not as many as on On What Matters) and yet the style and output is uniquely his. Ten years earlier this multiply revised form of composition would have been unmanageable, too slow, too messy, with carbon copies from mechanical typewriters. Odd that this very distinct and unusual personality extending right into his written style, extremely Parfitian, went with his rather dissolved and sfumato theory of personal identity.


Publisher and then web publisher

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